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Below are selections from our special roll menu.


Special Roll
Cajun Roll
Carwfish, Cucumber, seaweed i/s
Chicken Tempura Roll
Chicken, avocado, lettuce topped with eel sauce
C G S Roll
Crab, crawfish, roe, hot sauce 
Crazy Salmon Roll
Salmon, avocado, cream cheese i/s spicy salmon o/s
Crazy Tuna Roll
Tuna,avocado,cream cheese i/s spicy tuna o/s , crunchy on top. 
Double Dragon Roll
Soft shell crab, cucumber i/s eel on top
Dragon Roll
Eel, cucumber i/s avocado on top
Dynamite Roll
Salmon, crab,  tuna, avocado, asparagus i/s, lightly fried topped with spicy mayo & eel sauce
Fire Island Roll
Spicy tuna, spicy shrimp, cream cheese, hot sauce i/s topped with spicy crabmeat & spicy mayo  
Louisiana Roll
Crawfish and crab meat i/s, salmon & tuna on top
Meridian Roll
Assorted fish, cream cheese, avocado i/s wrapped with soy paper, & lightly fried topped with spicy mayo & eel sauce
Mexican Roll
Tempura shrimp, cucumber i/s, smoked salmon  on top 
O J Roll
Crab, crawfish,avocado,cucumber,jalapeno with soy paper topped with spicy mayo.
Orange Roll
Tuna, cream cheese i/s, salmon, red tobiko on top
Out of Control Roll
Eel, cream cheese, avocado i/s tuna, yellowtail, salmon on top with masago
Rainbow Roll
Crab, avocado i/s, salmon, tuna, white fish on top
Rock N Roll
Shrimp tempura i/s crabmeat on top, topped with spicy mayo 
Sake House Roll
Assorted fish, jalapeno, seaweed salad i/s, lightly fried & topped with crunchy & spicy mayo & eel sauce
Sandwich Roll
Spicy crabmeat, spicy shrimp,avocado, soy paper in sandwich style topped with spicy mayo
Snow White Roll
Spicy crab meat, cream cheese i/s, white tuna o/s tobiko on top
Steak Roll (A1 sauce)
Angus beef cooked with A1 sauce & cream cheese, topped with eel sauce
Super Crunchy Roll
Crunchy shrimp, crawfish, avocado wrapped with soy paper
Super Volcano Roll
Crab, cucumber, avocado i/s, baked crabmeat & scallop on top
Sweet Heart Roll
Spicy crab meat and tuna wrapped around
Titanic Roll
Shrimp tempura, crab, cream cheese,avocado wrapped in soy paper topped with spicy mayo & eel sauce.
Volcano Roll
Spicy tuna,  crunchy i/s, avocado, roe, o/s
Falling in love
Smoked salmon,cucumber,avocado,asparagus in soy paper, top with seaweed salad and japanese mayo. 

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